Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick Update From SG

Wish I had time to write a real post or even that gi review that I keep turning around in my head. A quick update on my knee will have to suffice. Here goes:
     The other day I put my PT on the spot and said, "So, running, maybe soon?"
     "Yes,"she replied. "I think you're strong enough. I think when you go back the the doctor he will say you can start running."
     Then I pulled out the cow eyes. "And jiu jitsu?"
     She looked at me like I was a little kid she had to disappoint but didn't want to. "I don't know. . . ."
     "Well, ballpark?"
     "Jiu jitsu. . . . That's unpredictable, isn't it?"
     "A little bit," I lied but didn't fool her.
     "Yeah . . . That's going to have to wait."
     So, two-and-a-half months and counting. It's not worse, but there's no real sign of progress. I'm strengthening my muscles, but the ligament is loose. Will it ever heal? When can I stop these horrible, horrible injury updates? And finally, the question that Shark Girl fears the most and loves to pose when she's feeling old and dramatic . . . "Could this be the end of Shark Girl?!?!"
     Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.


  1. Hopefully, you catch this. I woke up this past Saturday morning with some back pain after dealing all week with a calf strain. By the time Sunday dinner rolled around, I was undergoing crying jags and unable to breathe extensively.

    Went to the hospital. After excruciating pain was gotten through and treated, a CAT scan revealed that I have three blood clots in my lung. I could have died had I not come in and the pain is unlike anything I've experienced before.

    But the worst part beyond seeing my family and friends look like I was dying was being told that I am out of bjj for six months. Out of all contact sports actually, while extended outpatient treatment figures out if I have a lifelong problem going forwards.

    I was released from the hospital today and the flicker of hope is nearly gone, but it is still there. My teammates are still not sure how to take this, but I will watch class now and then to keep my face fresh and remind myself what I'm assuming for: a return to the arte suave.

    1. Oh, Tree Frog, I am so sorry....Hope you are well. That sounds like a very big scare.


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