Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blah . . .

Not much to say here.

Training has been kind of blah.

Gym’s been a little blah.

My favorite training partners are coming less frequently.


I need something new.


  1. Keep at it. Sign up for a tournament?

  2. Set yourself some missions.

    "I will only go for omoplatas from top position (very doable if you can work your head around it)."

    "I will pass only with these two passes, going back and forth between them to either side."

    "I will pull up my hands to my chest, in claw position, and stomp around the mats going 'RAWWWR, I AM A DINOSAUR!' for three whole minutes."

    In return for this wondrous advice, you can give me your favorite pumpkin pie recipe (sans whipped cream - that abomination of sugar and foam).

    1. Wow! That dinosaur thing really freaks your teammates out!! Stay tuned for your pumpkin pie recipe . . .


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