Sunday, January 10, 2016

Crazy Shit That Goes Through a BJJ Girl's Mind, Part I

I don't think I think like a normal woman. Take this normal, everyday traffic incident:

Today on the way to church, I was driving on the highway in the right-hand lane. (To my Aussie and UK readers, that's like your LEFT-hand lane.) I approached an entrance ramp. A shitty, teal-green car with broken tail lights was almost ready to merge with traffic. We were that awkward distance apart where, for her to merge, I would either have to slow down and let her in, or she would have to slow down and enter the highway after me.

Here is my thinking. I am in traffic. It is my job to keep the flow going. It is the responsibility of the merger to merge safely. We've all at one time or another slowed down for the merger, only to have them hesitate, and then the cars behind us pile up, pressing on their brakes. So I kept my speed and went on.

Apparently Shitty Teal Car didn't like that, because this is what happened next:

     "Mom, that lady just gave you the middle finger!" Oldest Son said.
     "Yeah! And then she put it in her mouth!" observed Nine-Year-Old Son.
     Thanks for introducing my kids to that one, Trashy Lady.
      I looked in my rear view mirror. Trashy Lady slipped into the left lane as soon as she could and accelerated.

Here end normal, non-jiujitsu, thoughts.
Stay tuned for Part II, coming soon!


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