Saturday, January 8, 2011

Not Quitting

I had fun with Wednesday night’s class. Which is good, because I came home Monday night feeling like maybe March would be it for me.

Monday wasn’t a bad experience. Monday was bland. Everything was over my head. Nothing clicked. I didn’t get enough practice to make it click because of the pairings. By the time I got any real exercise, class was over.

Until Monday night I felt I would continue jiu jitsu past March. I don’t like to quit. Sometimes I stay in things too long, even though I no longer enjoy them. On the way home I tried to work out my feelings: Am I “not quitting” jiu jitsu, or am I developing a practice that is meaningful to me? There’s no shame in saying, “I tried it for four months. I learned a lot. Had some good times. Some hard times. Some awkward times. Now let’s move on to something else.”
          Then I thought, Not every run I have is excellent. Sometimes every step feels like I am planting cement shoes into the pavement. Then there are times when I soar. (As much as one can when breaking a 10-minute mile is a victory!) Was Monday just a blah night? Will I soar another time? Where will I find myself in March?
Wednesday night’s wrap up to follow. Stay tuned!


  1. I've done martial arts for over ten years. I remember being so frustrated that I cried through entire classes. But I stuck with it anyway. I wouldn't trade any of the blood, sweat or tears. Martial Arts have done so much for me and my family. I can't imagine another life path. Like I've been saying, just eat a little chocolate and it'll all be better by morning.

  2. I bet you'll soar another time.

    And there is no shame in a ten minute mile. This summer I had to learn to run all over again, due to a BJJ injury, and I was estatic when I ran the first time at a 13 minute mile (which maybe isn't even really running). Now I am comfortably back up to speed at a 10 minute mile for longer distances.

    Just stick with BJJ ... and eat chocolate.

  3. You have to keep training, or I won't get to read this entertaining blog anymore! ;)

    Eating chocolate is good too. Although that is tempting me to go dig out some ice cream, which would not be a good idea at midnight.

  4. Well, then eat chocolate it is, if you all say I must! Today was dark chocolate covered cranberries and an "Old Lady Candy" (chocolate-flavored Viactiv).


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