Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shark Girl Competes, Part 2: Avoiding the Fashion Police

When I first started nogi, I stressed out about jiu jitsu fashion. At that time, despite plaintive urgings that I get board shorts, Shark Girl went to the local TJ Maxx. No board shorts in sight; many yoga shorts on the rack. Could these work? I decided to try them. Yoga shorts were made for keeping modesty in awkward positions. And they are really comfy. So, Shark Girl has several nice, comfy, pairs of yoga shorts that she jitses in.

In preparation for my first tournament, I read the clothing requirements for nogi. I worried that my beloved yoga shorts were not legit. I’ve been in all sorts of crazy positions in them, and not once has “France” peeked out, as they say. But they had no drawstrings.
I consulted Cousin of Shark Girl. Cousin of Shark Girl is a veteran to BJJ tournaments and would be accompanying me as a fellow competitor and a support. Cousin of Shark Girl had never seen anyone disqualified for the wrong attire. But I was still nervous. I certainly did not want to be the first. DQed for inappropriate use of the yoga pant? It sounds so wrong. I only had one day to find the right shorts.
With the complaints of my stomach subdued, I set out to find the proper attire for the tournament. I went back to TJ’s, hoping they had received some board shorts. The answer was still no, but I did find a pair of yoga pants that had a drawstring. Technically, they did not break any rules, and I felt confident I could wear them. I showed them to Husband on the way out of the store. “Ooh,” he said. “Sexy.”
“You think?” I replied. “You haven’t even seen them on. Do you think they’ll be okay for the competition?”
“Oh, yeah. They’ll let you wear those. They’ll want to see you fight in those.” I’m not sure who “they” are. I think when Husband said “they,” he really meant, “I.”
Now the only thing left to buy was a new pair of frilly underwear. Who can compete without a new pair of sexy skivvies? I went to my local purveyor of lacy lingerie and picked out a competition-appropriate pair of panties. I was so ready to rumble.

Stay tuned for Part 3, where Shark Girl discusses her pre-competition fuel.

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