Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Roll in the . . . Snowstorm?

Details of my latest roll:

My partner had me pinned. I bumped up until I could wiggle my knee underneath. I didn’t have enough leverage to move him, so I put my forearm under his chin and pushed. The choke made him back off, enough for me to get him in my guard. I whirled to my knees. He grabbed around my waist in a bear hug. I twisted him over and got the mount. I grabbed his arm, rotated, then . . . armbar!

And that’s how I got out of bed Wednesday morning. Jiu jitsu is useful.

I awoke peacefully to the softly falling snow. I had turned off my alarm the night before because school was canceled. Not to worry. My 8-year old made sure I did not catch up on my sleep. He was in our bed at six, begging me to make the snowman pancakes and bacon I promised the night before. Husband wanted a few more minutes of a warm wife. Oldest Son was throwing my glasses at me. Husband was putting his arms around me. Oldest Son made sharp movements with bony elbows and knees. Husband pulled the covers up high over our heads. Oldest Son grabbed my arm and dragged. Finally, it just wasn’t worth it. I would get up and fulfill my motherly obligations. Husband playfully pinned me. “Use your jiu jitsu!” You know the rest.
            “Are you surprised that I could do that?” I asked Husband.
            “Took you longer than I thought,” he replied.

Unfortunately, class was canceled Wednesday night because of our twenty-six inches of snow. But I got one roll in.

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  1. It takes 26 inches of snow to slow you guys down! I'm an official whimp. I'm down south hybernating because the temp is in the 30's. That's not metric. There is no snow or ice. Yes, I'm a whimp when it comes to the cold.


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