Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is This the End?

Last week I rolled over a partner’s bony foot. A little while later my right lower rib started aching. It feels like the same injury I got when I first started. Perhaps it’s a reinjury? Anyway, that was a week ago. Ibuprofen knocked the ached down. I’ve been nursing that side in class, making sure not to roll too hard on it.
            Last night I worked with some crushers. (You know, I’d like to see how they would feel rolling with someone twice their weight–over 400 lbs!) I reminded them of my injury and for the most part it was cool. My side did not ache further, and since I’m going on vacation and not doing BJJ for eleven days, I figured it would finally get a good rest. Until . .  . I saw blood in my urine tonight. Now I am worried that I injured my kidney somehow. With any luck it will be a UTI. But if it’s not, will I have to cancel my cruise to the Bahamas?
            The bottom line is that I can’t keep training if my rib cage can’t withstand it. I hope I’m overreacting and this is nothing. I tend to do that when my ability to exercise is threatened. I’m putting this out there (hoping) for some reassurance. While right now I am a little pissed off, I suppose I have answered my question about whether or not I like jiu jitsu. If I didn’t I’d be looking for an excuse to stop.
            Seeing the doctor tomorrow. Boy will she be surprised when she finds out I’m diong jiu jitsu. She wasn’t very happy with my long distance running! If y’all don’t hear from me soon, that’s good news. It means I’m sailing the sunny Caribbean.
Update 2/19:
No simple answer to share with you but I have been given the "ok" to cruise! Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I'm hoping and praying that all is good & you're sailing off on a wonderful trip.

  2. Injuries are part of BJJ; you just gotta weather the storm. That being said, I hope your doctors visit goes well. Happy cruising!

  3. Oh no! I hope your vaca is just what the doctor ordered for your rib!

    Enjoy your cruise!


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