Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shark Girl Competes, Part 1

You may not believe this, but Shark Girl is shy. Sure, I spill my thoughts and feelings out in a public blog, but have you noticed that I am anonymous? Well, I am, and I hope to stay that way. Even to those who know me as FirstName LastName and not Shark Girl, I can be shy. So, at first I didn’t tell anyone in my real life that I had registered for my first tournament. To be fair, no one asked, and I didn’t say. And life was good.

A few days before the tournament, it came out that I had entered. From that moment on, the nerves set in. It was like Shark Girl’s stomach had put up protest: “No! Enough fighting! You are forty-one years old!” I tried to quiet the complaints of my stomach with these:

But Stomach was not falling for that. “I know you are competing! What if you suck? All your classmates know. You’ve got to bring it now! And you really better start paying more attention in class. Heh. You think you can compete.”

Well, it was either that, or Stomach was trying to tell me to stop eating garden-fresh tomatoes by the bushelful. That acid will kill you, but they’re only here a few weeks a year, so you gotta eat ‘em while they’re good.

Either way, Shark Girl had to bring out the big guns to quell the complaints of my stomach—an Italian girl’s best friend:

There. Take that, Stomach.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


  1. You know what? You are. I am. We are. Part of a new GEN. 40? And? Your point? (My point is, hubby and I just cleaned out the garage, then went to our favorite pub, and NOW, I am drunk blogging).

    The only reason 40 seems like a ceiling is, THAT is the idea our gen was raised to believe, but we ARE that gen now. Heck, I look better, feel better, AM better than I was 10 years ago.

    Sharkita- Go forth and conquer. You will be awesome. You will dominate. You will kick the envelope.......;)))


  2. There are so many reasons that I love you Dagney. Pretty much all of them are right here. The fact that you actually cleaned out your garage (a summer goal I have yet to touch), having date night with hubby and letting loose, defying ageism, ability to coin cute monikers on the spot, and emanating encouragement from your pores. You are like a superhero.
    I suppose this is the new 40. and it has seemed like a beginning for me. I just don't bounce back the way I did ten or twenty years ago. Again, this can be seen as an advantage. We can't take our bodies for granted and so they seem more precious, as does the things they can do. Hey, did that make any sense? And all I've had was a cup of coffee...

  3. Makes sense to me... turning 39 soon, and don't feel any different than I did when I was 29. You're always the same age in your head.

    I wanna hear more about this tournament. Last weekend? or this coming weekend? Either way, I know you did/will do well.

  4. Oh Yes! Post about the tournament.

  5. @GO: You are right--I still feel 12, wearing awkward glasses and wondering if anyone has noticed my armpit hair. When you turn 40 we are SO going to have a RAGER!

    @GO + DT: I'm telling the story in installments so I don't bore you all with a rambling, run-on post. There's so much to say!

  6. I had never heard of Brioschi until this post. Does that make me a bad person? ;p

  7. It probably means you do not have an Italian father, or indigestion(I may have indigestion because I have an Italian father . . . a story for another day), neither of which make you a bad person! In my book, you are one of the best!

  8. I have a Turkish father, but he mostly eats salad, a habit I unfortunately haven't inherited. I mostly eat cheese. :D


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