Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jiu Jitsu, Bahamas-Style

I have been sunning myself like a reptile in the Bahamas. Here is the extent of my jiu jitsu over the last week.

Shark Girl, ever the good wife, decided to surprise Husband with a frozen margarita. Besides, they were on special for $4.95 each. Booze, a bargain, and brownie points—three Bs I can’t resist. Of course, I had to get one for myself, too. Truthfully, the only reason I got Husband one was so he wouldn’t complain about the one I was most definitely purchasing for myself. Such is romance in a 16-year marriage.

Balancing one frosty, foofy glass in each hand, Shark Girl carefully maneuvered to the elevator, spilling only a little of the liquid emerald.

I got off the elevator. Daring to look up, I spotted a man and woman walking toward me.
            “Hey, is one of those for me?” the man said with a smile.
            “Ha ha. . . .” Shark Girl replied. No. But I noticed he was wearing a “Tapout” shirt. As he stepped on the elevator, I chanced it.
            “You do jiu jitsu?” I asked, pointing at him with a carefully controlled nudge of my margarita.
            The question surprised him. “Yes.”
            “So do I,” I replied. Probably not what this muscular, testosteroney poster-boy for whey powder was expecting to hear from a tiny, middle-aged mother drinking fruity drinks in a tropical paradise.
            “Oh . . . where?” he asked.
            “In                                .* You?”
            “New York.”
 The elevator doors closed, and I brought My Beloved his drink.

Here ends my week’s worth of jiu jitsu. I hope you have enjoyed it. Plus, I’m still nursing that injury and, frankly, a little nervous to get back on the mats.

 * You really didn’t think I was going to give it up that easy, did you?


  1. Aha! The mask has slipped! Now I just need to find where __________ is on a map of the US. Strange name for a town... ;p

    1. And when you find it you can come visit me on your next US trip. Maybe this knee injury will be healed by then and we can settle all our disputes on the mat!

      (Okay, i know we don't have any disputes, but that just sounded cool.)

    2. Cool! We could always invent some: perhaps I offended your family and I offended the Shark Temple? Wa-taa? ;p

    3. Oh, *don't* offend my Italian family! Now you've really stepped in it!!


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