Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Finally Over!

School, that is. Writing and grading final exams and projects, attending end-of-the-year events for my kids . . . all these things have taken Shark Girl away from you, Dear Readers, and I am not happy about that. Today I am finally free. School is out. Hooray!

And in this freedom, Shark Girl has finally posted all of the pictures and measurements for my gi review, so please check them out here if you are interested.

But I have a confession to make. I can hide behind my professional and parental responsibilities only so much. There has been something else consuming my time, inching in on precious BJJ territory, slithering into the corners of my life. I am about to go very off-topic, so if you are reading this blog purely for jiu jitsu technique (and I wonder why you would be, since I have never written about one technique in all my years of blogging), it's time to stop reading and go somewhere else.

I hinted at this previously, but when I returned from the land of espresso, I decided I wanted to upgrade my at-home caffeine-making abilities. I have spent hours and hours pouring over the fora at (great folks over there, by the way), deciding on the perfect new machine for me, and learning proper foaming and extracting technique. I have a long way to go, but here’s some food porn for you:

Please feel free to give helpful advice on technique!

I know that I should have been poring over YouTube grappling videos in my recovery period, but instead I have been focusing on barista videos. *sigh* Maybe this is why my return to the mat has been rather stunted. I am glad to report that I am back up to full speed. The sad news is that while I learn to protect my healed injury, I feel a little awkward and spazzy on the mats. Hopefully this too shall pass. Or perhaps it’s all that espresso I’m drinking.


  1. I stop in to watch class once a week during my injury forced vacation.

    Todau, my instructor comes up to me and says with a grave expression on his face, "You know when you come back, everybody is going to whomp you." And then he started giggling. "You're going to be like 'I came back for this? I'm horrible!' and it'll push you to get better fast again."

    Then he started cracking on how the teenagers would be whomping me.

    1. Yah...that's where I am. Totally worried about reinjury, too.
      Anyway, how are you doing?

    2. Truly missing being active. However, there's now more time to do other things, which is some small consolation.

      I'm probably about 90% of normal now and inching back all the time. It's a positive outlook.


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