Monday, March 3, 2014

Shark Girl’s Top Ten: Things I Thought (But Did Not Say) This Week at Jiu Jitsu

10.  Oh, my God! Will you chill out?! This is not the UFC!

9.    Now, what was that headlock escape again?
8.    I hope I don’t get picked last!
7.    How the heck can he be so sweaty?
6.    Please not the sweaty guy! Please not the sweaty guy!

5.    Thank God I’m am A cup.
4.    I wish this song had a few less “bitches” and “hos.”
3.    You’re on a special cabbage diet, aren’t you?

2.    Wow—your hands are all over his ass!
1.    This is a little something I like to call the Husband Guard.

PS: Check out Shark Girl's new shadow pic. Can you guess where I am??


  1. Ha - I know what you mean on no.4: I'm always editing my jiu jitsu class playlist whenever I hear anything that could possibly offend anybody. Though no song I listen to is full of 'bitches' and 'hos': if I listen to hip hop, it's the more cerebral stuff, like De La Soul, Jurassic 5 etc. :)

    As to guessing the shadow, that looks like it is somewhere distinctive, but I've got no idea. :p

    1. I would be happy to go to your class.

    2. I'm sure it's someplace you have been before, slidey. : ) I'm looking at your playlist now....

  2. I am the sweaty guy, and I am so, so sorry.

    1. : ) : ) I'll still roll with you, no matter how much you are sweating!

  3. Great post, Shark Girl! #9 went through my head one day last week, too! And I know #8 all too well. :-P

    1. I still get picked last, after all these years. Middle school nightmare all over again.


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