Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Saving the Male Ego, or We Both Know I Had It

When on vacation, Shark Girl likes to train at other gyms. It keeps me sharp. Plus, the foreign warm-ups make me feel like a white belt again. I also have many interesting experiences when I roll on strange mats. Like this recent one:
My partner was the same belt as me, but lower in stripes. He was a young buck: spry and muscley, on the smaller side. We had a good go around for while.
He got me in open guard; I passed.
He went for a footlock; I escaped.
Finally, I got on top; he escaped. He was tiring out, though, because I quickly wound up back on top.
He escaped again, and we went back and forth a few more times until he could no longer find his way out of my top control.
I went for a choke.
I could see in his eyes he was defeated. They were the eyes of a scared animal, darting back and forth, unsure of what path leads to safety, but sure that staying still is death (by suffocation).
I tightened my choke. He started breathing more deeply, trying to get more air with each breath.
I tightened my choke a little more. His face was getting red.
At this point, I realized this man was not tapping. At all. He was going to do something really stupid, like pass out.
            So, what did Shark Girl do? I saved his ego. “Do I have this?” I asked demurely.
            He sputtered.
“What? Was that a ‘no’?”
            He sputtered some more and shook his head.
           “Okay. Darn. I thought I had it.” I let go and the buzzer rang. “Thanks for a great roll,” I smiled. 


  1. Ha! I would have killed that ego mercilessly. Especially if it was just a choke.

    1. Next time, that is it. He will feel the epic ness of my choke! Or, I will rank his neck. One or the other,

  2. You are fierce.

    Way to time the letting go too. It's exactly the right move.

  3. I would have been merciless like Mini. That said, the last time something similar happened with me, the guy asked me out (discreetly after class). So it couldn't have hurt his ego that much! In fact, I am pretty sure it turned him on big time.

    1. Well, I had a recent run of comments from an Anonymous who claimed that the reason that ANY guy liked rolling with ladies was because it turned them on. But you, anonymous, canNOT leave me hanging like this. What happened? Did you go out? Spill the deets. I am an old married lady who is not getting hit on anytime soon . . . Or later for that matter. Please let me live vicariously!


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