Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cousin of Shark Girl Reviews Scramble Bushido Athletics Shorts

When Shark Girl received the Scramble Bushido Athletic Shorts from, they were cartoonishly large. “I can’t review these!” I thought. “If I can’t find someone else to review them, I’ll have to send them back.” I did some recon and found this description of the shorts at the Scramble website:

“Scramble shorts are here to pimp up the lower half of your body! Featuring side split seams and a spandex crotch panel for Muay Thai / guard players and the well endowed.”

Whom did Shark Girl know that was interested in pimping up the lower half of his body? It was obvious: Cousin of Shark Girl. You have read about Cousin of Shark Girl before here and here.
Actually, Cousin of Shark Girl is quite modest and I didn’t think he’d want to pimp up his body at all. Nor does he do Muay Thai. But he is a guard player and I’m pretty sure he is in favor of spandex crotch panels. As for well-endowed—chill out, he’s my cousin, already! This along with the fact that Cousin of Shark Girl is the only BJJer who knows Shark Girl’s real identity made him the perfect candidate. The only candidate.
            Cousin of Shark Girl accepted the challenge and has been wearing the Scramble shorts tirelessly. Dear readers, I introduce to you my very first Guest Blogger: Cousin of Shark Girl.


While visiting my cousin, Shark Girl, she let me try out a pair of grappling shorts, the Bushido by Scramble. These shorts came to my cousin via, a great site that keeps me up late at night, refreshing my browser, looking for deals on grappling gear. is very popular where I train so I’m happy to help them out with a review.

The shorts are purple with bright yellow lettering. I must admit that I was a little concerned when she first showed them to me. I’m the kind of guy who does not like to stand out in a crowd.  
My greatest fear
The yellow lettering includes some Japanese kanji symbols for the word “Bushido” which roughly translates to “the way of the Samurai.” Thanks, Wikipedia.

The shorts are a size Small and Shark Girl said they were way too big for her. I have a 32” waist and when I put them on, they were snug around the waist but not constricting due to the fact that they have an elastic waistband. Once I cinched the Velcro strap and drawstring, I actually thought they fit very nicely.

I’m about 5’9” and they do show a little more leg than my other grappling shorts, but I actually liked that.
Shark Girl says, "Ooh la la!"

I have a few other pairs of grappling shorts that are longer, baggier, and clumsier looking in my opinion. The Bushido shorts also have a small slit along the outside of the thigh that helps with leg mobility. In addition, they’re 100% polyester which makes them slick and light.

Sure, they felt great while I was prancing around my living room, but the true test would be how they held up going full speed at the gym. They are light and thin and my biggest concern was that they wouldn’t last too many tough grappling sessions. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve worn them dozens of times and not a stitch is out of place. And they are so light that I feel like I’ve gained a step on my training partners—if I can only convince them that that’s the case. One last comment: I actually received a handful of compliments on how the shorts looked. I’m still not a fan of the colors, but they are currently my favorite grappling shorts as far as performance and feel are concerned.

  • Super light and thin
  • Durable
  • Snug but comfortable fit. I’m 5’9” and 175 lbs. and the Small fit me just fine. (If you’re concerned they might be too small, you should obviously go with a larger size.)
  • The colors−purple shorts with yellow lettering. If you don’t mind standing out a bit at the gym, these colors are for you.

I hope you found this review helpful. That's all for now folks!

Respectfully Yours,
Cousin of Shark Girl


  1. Cool, the Shark Girl blogging family expands! Now we just need to find some guy who is 5'9 with a 32 waist wearing purple shorts, then interrogate him to find out his cousin's identity... ;p

    I very, very rarely train nogi, but when I do, I normally just wear gi pants rather than shorts (so I don't scuff my knees). I didn't realise that apparently some people think that is a bit douchey. So, perhaps a good thing that I don't train nogi. ;)

  2. Cousin and I are trying to get a few more family members to try out BJJ this week, so maybe we'll see a whole franchise!

    Anyway, I didn't know it was considered douchey to wear gi pants during nogi. Why is that? Do they give some advantage?

  3. So in future, there might be a review from 'Daughter of Sister of Third Cousin of Shark Girl'? ;p

    I think the problem some people have with gi pants being worn in nogi is that they provide a bit more friction than bare legs. Hence why Eddie Bravo wears them, along with knee supports etc.

    I always wore them, for the aforementioned knee reason and also because I would normally be training nogi after a gi class. That meant I could just switch from gi top to rashguard, or have the rashguard on already under my top.

  4. I used to wear gi pants because I hate showing too much skin. ;P Now I have shorts and tights to cover most of it. I used to wear gi pants all the time for both gi and nogi and in fact just prefer to wear gi pants in general. One thing I personally am sick of is the endless and often invisible rules of how not to be douchey. Reminds me of why I hated junior high school! ;)


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