Friday, December 27, 2013

Post-Christmas Epiphany

What good does it do, Gentle Readers? 

What good is it to make a huge Christmas post and not get one thing on your list? This sucks! (Well, not really. I got some great other, non-jiu jitsu related presents. Like tights, and baking sheets, and thermal underwear.)
            Anyway, I could sit here and complain. But I won’t because I did get a jiu jitsu present not on my list.  I got to roll with Cousin of Shark Girl.
            Cousin and I don't get to practice together very often. We were both visiting our parents who live in the same town. Cousin called up a friend from the local gym who obliged us in an open mat yesterday. It was great. And, best of all, I learned two new sweeps that I believe will work for my game. Well, at least one will. And I’m sore this morning. Or I’m sore from sleeping on my parents’ couch. (The beds in my their spare rooms are the worst. It’s like lying on a thick piece of cardboard on a base of marshmallows. I have decided to boycott these beds. When I informed Mother of Shark Girl of this she said, “But you used to sleep on them all the time!” Yes, 30 years ago when I lived at home.)
So tasty in hot chocolate! So uncomfortable as your mattress!
            I also received a revelation. Although maybe I should save this part of the post for Epiphany, or Three Kings’ Day, if you will. I usually watch jiu jitsu videos and shake my head. Why would anyone watch them? What do they learn from them? I just don’t get it. But I watched one the other night and it clicked. The person in the video had my style of game. Wow! I could see it all clearly. It was making sense. I vowed that I would look up more of this guy’s stuff on YouTube. This could be a breakthrough for me! Cousin also recommended a few other players who have my style. So YouTube, here I come. I think. If I have time.

There you have it: my rambling, after Christmas post. I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with submissions!

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