Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Journey of Epic Proportion

This is it. Tonight marks four months. Well, a little more than four months. I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu just before Thanksgiving. I committed myself until the end of March, and started this blog to make me stick to it. You see, with this blog, I could gain support from others as I weathered the newbie storm. And since the blog was a public proclamation (anonymous as it is!), I would feel debilitating shame to tell the whole World Wide Web that I failed to stick out the four months. This blog has served me well! I thank all of you who have offered support, encouragement, pearls of wisdom and nuggets of truth as I braved snow banks higher than my waist to fight strange men in an industrial-park dojo with a dimly-lit and seldom-frequented parking lot.

This has indeed been an epic journey. In my travels, I have faced the Bone Crusher, the Kidneyberg, the Bloody Gi, and the Assistant Little League Coach. I have been choked by mouth guards and men. I have been tortured by endless rib pain. I have grabbed things not meant for my hands. Yet still I dutifully pressed on. With fancy panties as trusty companions, I faced fear and feelings of inadequacy as I traversed the Underworld of BJJ and came out . . . alive, but with a few bruises on my shins.
I have come to love this sport. I have been transformed. I do not completely know how yet. But I know the old me was never locked in a combat so desperate that I dropped an F-bomb at my competitor, pissed that he was foiling my best laid plans to break his arm. (Oh, yeah. It was an “F.U.” This is when I ask you all to tell me how you swore at your partners so that I feel better about myself. Please?)


  1. In my case it's a word that slips out due to frustration from falling into their trap for submission. Sounds like you're going to be staying around! Yeah!

  2. I've said similar stuff jokingly after rolls...

    Glad to hear it seems you'll try this for another four months? :)

  3. Yay! The whole time I was reading this I was thinking "Is she staying???" again...Yay!

  4. Yes, you are stuck with me for the time being. : )


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